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We need to talk

This website is dedicated to improving one aspect of the human race that really does need work ….. Communication.


We all need to know how to talk. How do we do this? Well the first thing we need to learn how to do is ….. Listen.

It was by listening and hearing, that each and everyone one of us learnt the skills required to communicate effectively in a variety of situations.
Communicating effectively one on one or with a very small group can be a very powerful tool both from a personal and professional point of view. Just imagine then the awesome power that a truly effective public speaker possesses every time they get up before a large group and deliver their message.

So why don’t we all unleash this awesome power?

Jerry Seinfeld said it best when commenting on the fact that in the book of lists, speaking in front of an audience is more feared than dying. Jerry remarked that this means that if you are at a funeral, that you would rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy!

Speaking before a large audience is a learned skill. Fred Poli believes that we all have it in us to be able to comfortably speak in front of a large audience. We were all born with the ability to communicate using all the senses that we possess. The fear was instilled in us in our upbringing and by what we experienced as we grew. There are simple techniques which can be learnt and applied to overcome these fears.

Fred Poli has a number of programs available which will help you speak comfortably to any group of people. Fred’s programs will show you how to overcome the fear. He will share with you the greatest secret of public speaking. A secret so simple that utilizing this one aspect alone, will make a significant improvement to your presentation.

So if you want to unleash the power of public speaking, whether to a boardroom, a congregation or even at a wedding; simply contact us for a free, no obligation info pack on available programs.
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